Efficiency and Commitment 

Essenceflora's Mission is to promote to our customers products that satisfy their needs, in order to obtain satisfactory results for their shareholders with social responsibility, preservation of the environment and continuous improvement of our resources. 



•  Continuously strengthen our excellence in the segment of              manufacture and commercialization of essential oils;

•  Promote harmonious communication between customers, suppliers and employees;

•  Encourage the professional development of all employees.




•  Collaborators: Respect for others.


•  Customers: Promote a good relationship in a frank and honest way, resulting in having quick, effective solutions and total satisfaction of our customers.


•  Commitment: Full satisfaction of all our customers and employees, always respecting the rights and duties assumed.


•  Proactivity: Always seek knowledge and be attentive to the needs of the market, performing effectively in order to seek maximum excellence.



Our main office is located in Torrinha (State of São Paulo), we have several Distillation Plants set up in Santa Maria da Serra and Ubirajara (all of them in São Paulo State).


Our Commercial Department at the main office is capable enough to attend both Domestic and International markets. We also have Agents in Europe, USA and Brazil.


In addition to our own plantations we exploit some contracted others which on the whole guarantee a permanent availability of raw material that allows uninterrupted production all year long.



Tradition and Experience


Essenceflora brings in its luggage 40 years of experience, tradition, strong production and quality in meeting the requirements of the Internal and External market.


In the 60s, in the city of Torrinha-SP, an Enterprise is founded, where its partners had a vision aimed at planting Citriodora Eucalyptus and producing Citriodora Eucalyptus Oil.


This venture prospered together with the satisfaction of our customers, and in 2004, with the partners' decision to follow independent paths, it was born the company Essenceflora.