Quality and Social Responsability 

Essenceflora establishes Quality as an added value to its product, permanently seeking a balance in serving its customers.


The continuous search for excellence in the quality of our products, together with our employees, suppliers and customers, has a permanent commitment to the preservation of the environment, social issues and the appropriate environment for work.


The guidelines that establish our management system are:

Customer focus, search for market leadership, employee commitment, continuous improvement and social responsibility.


Resulting in the mutual success of our Company and before the Society.


We use advanced techniques to minimize / avoid possible damage to the environment.


In compliance with national and international laws, no pesticides or pesticides are used in eucalyptus forests.



Essenceflora carries out since the formation of Citiodora seedings up to the production of Citriodora Essencial Oil. 


The planting of seedlings respects the environmental legislation and does not pose risks to the environment. The harvest and transport of leaves, also, follow the same guidelines in addition to ensuring the safety of employees.


Those permanent cares lead to the growing of healthy plants for oil extraction.




With state-of-the-art equipment for analyzing primary materials and finished products, an Essenceflora has Quality Management as the differential in Citriodora Eucalyptus Oil, available to its customers.


Our distillation facilities have equipments of modern technology, such as close water circuit and smoke washing devices.




After extracting the eucalyptus oil, the leaves and branches that contained the oil are reused, 30% are transformed into biofuel, which is necessary for the generation of steam that will drag the oil into the next production.